How I Work – Humanistic Integrative

My background is Humanistic Integrative, which means that I draw from various theoretical frameworks in order to tailor the therapy to meet the individual needs of my clients. This might involve various interventions and skills building depending upon what clients bring. I like to think that we mould this together.
For example a client with anxiety issues might also have a relationship issue. Here we would look at developing skills to work first with the anxiety and then from a clearer, more relaxed place, we can explore the relationship issues. That will enable the client to consider their role within the relationship – illuminate what is really happening, and consider the challenge of what changes or choices might be more healthy for them now.


First Session

At our first session, I try to explain all of this and answer any questions. Although I see it as my role to facilitate clients working on their issues, I also like to think that we decide together how to work ie some clients might like working creatively, whilst others might prefer to stay with talking.

It is always the client’s choice as to how we work – whilst I will suggest what I think is likely to be relevant and what might be helpful.

Going Forward

If at the end of our initial session we decide that we can work together, we will then look at the practical issues of committing to regular sessions, consider the most suitable time together, the issue of fees and cancellations and whatever else might be relevant.

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