About Me

I think I have always been interested in how people relate to each other, how relationships evolve and the roles we all play within them. Each and every one of us brings something unique to the table. Identifying, acknowledging, sometimes perhaps altering, and honouring what that is, is important – so we can be the best we can be, in our role, in our lives and within our circle of people.

This is a second career path for me. I spent circa 20 years in various employments as a secretary and therefore have some knowledge of the office workplace and how challenging it can be to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Upon reflection of earlier careers, the single most meaningful experience for me has always been the connection with people and the concept of empathizing with clients as to where they are in their worlds and what they need in order to lead healthy, meaningful, content lives.

I look at this as a “curiosity” about life and where life takes us. If we are curious, we are alive and vibrant and I think that is a good thing. I think that is what excites me about therapy. It is about being curious and continuing to delve at whatever depth we are able – to consider all of the possibilities within our reach.

In order to function at this level, and in compliance with ethical guidelines, I need to avail of ongoing Professional Development. I regularly attend Professional Training Workshops and ongoing training within the fields that interest me. This enables me to stay focused, ensure up-to-date knowledge and awareness within my field of work and generally keep alive and vibrant in my profession.

I have now been in Private Practice for ten years, and recently moved my work to a very private venue, where clients comment regularly on the privacy and something of the warm space they experience therein. Comments also include how they now experience for themselves, just how significant the concept of privacy is, and how safe they feel in my new suite of offices.